USB Internet TV And Radio Worldwide

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    1) Product Description
    * Swept the world, global hot, USB TV stick, free to watch TV!
    * Scope: understanding the global information, financial information, foreign language learning, international sports events, the global hit movie, TV series, national pop music & MTV ...

    2) How to use.
    * The appliance insert in the USB port on the computer, the program will start automatically
    * Click the “CD” icon,you will choose the language in first use. 3) Features.
    * USB TV stick, so you see and hear the world
    * USB plug, that is, listen to, ie, free installation, through it, you can listen to the music world's 38,000 radio stations, more than 18,000 television sets. Different music styles as you choose! How? Too simple, the little guy a plug to the computer, then click the icon, you can see the scenery around the world. Music is everywhere! TV coverage worldwide!

    RM 34.00
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Discussion in 'Teknologi & Gajet' started by leecousa, Mar 31, 2011.

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