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    Hello friends! I am a very active user of my mobile phone and I tend to browse a lot on my phone because I am always on the go!
    After a year of being stuck with browsers such as Chrome and Android Stock Browser, I decided to do a little digging and give a new browser a shot. I tried dolphin and after a few
    Months I want to write a post on which browser is best?!

    Google Chrome for Android
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    Chrome for android carries a big name in Chrome in desktop. Chrome is also one of the best mobile browsers in Android. Chrome was used by most users worldwide, and become its advantages with best feature is to sync your data between desktop and mobile browser.
    • BEST! Sync between your Desktop and Mobile browser
    • Good multi tabs and Gesture support for switching tab
    • Incognito mode for selected tabs without leaving any trace.
    • No add-on support
    • Extremely limited personalization settings
    • Claimed by many users using a lot of resource on devices
    • For low end type Android, Chrome is kind of laggy and slow
    • No support for Flash Video playback
    • Limited to Android User from ICS above

    Firefox for Android
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    Firefox for Android also carries his big name in desktop browser. By coming into mobile browser, it helps desktop user to easily sync data between devices.
    • BEST! Sync between your Desktop and Mobile browser
    • Rich add-on support
    • Using HTML5 simple and neat display
    • Personalization with various themes
    • Private browsing mode
    • Complex user interface on Homepage
    • Using a lot of memory resource and battery
    • No sonar or gesture
    • No download manager

    Dolphin Browser
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    One of the best mobile browsers for Android devices. Dolphin browser come with a lot of features and one of my favorite is gesture. By using Dolphin's Gesture, you simply just need to draw a picture defined by yourself, no need to type anymore in address bar, simple as that.
    • Neat and clean display interface, and come with various feature such as Wallpapers
    • Rich Add-on support, such as Web to PDF, screen cut
    • Private mode to browsing anonymously
    • Download Manager to easily manage your download
    • Dolphin Web store, that contains a lot of popular web apps.
    • Sync content with desktop, with Dolphin Account, or Facebook and Google account
    • Localized into 25 different language, easily change your browser system language on language setting
    • BEST! Gesture and Sonar support, We don’t need to search by typing, simply drawing or talk to navigate in Dolphin
    • By its rich feature and various add-ons support, need to spend more time to get familiar with Dolphin

    Opera Browser
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    Please note: The one that we are comparing is Opera Browser, not the Opera Mini. Opera Mini is already known worldwide for its popularity and its data saving feature. How about the Big Opera?
    • Speed dial feature, easily navigate to most visited sites
    • Private browsing to browsing anonymously
    • Off-Road Mode, claimed to compress data usage in browsing, and make loading time become faster with low bandwidth usage
    • Sync with Opera in Desktop
    • Multi-tab support
    • Oversimplified features and personalization choices
    • Tab browsing, is keep reloading other tabs
    • No bookmarks available
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