Apakah pengalaman kerja anda?

Discussion in 'Sembang Umum' started by abg_x, Jan 24, 2007.

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    Boleh kita berkongsi pengalaman kerja? Ini pengalaman kerja saya sejak 7 tahun yang lepas (Sorry.. paste dr resume jer).. mana tau kita boleh berkongsi-kongsi maklumat yang berguna.

    Company Name : 5th company
    Position Title : Senior R&D Engineer

    Work Description :
    - To lead project of Power QFN in cross-functional team.
    - To develop and characterize process development in wafer backgrinding, wafer sawing, epoxy die attach and aluminum wire bonding.
    - To ensure 4Ms readiness (man, machine, material and method) prior HVM (high volume manufacturing).
    - To prepare process specs, FMEA, control plan and machine buy-off documentation.
    - To perform various evaluation and DOE for process improvement.

    Company Name : 4th company
    Position Title : Senior Process & Product Development Engineer

    Work Description :
    - To develop new products based on the market demands.
    - To intialize the design and process development for new products introduction (NPI) by preparing process flow, control plan and FMEA.
    - Prototyping for new products in short cycle time.
    - To utilize the knowledge in statistics and design of experiments for product development.
    -To liase with customer on the new product request and follow up in R&D stages.
    - To analyze and inteprete product failures with producing the containment and improvement plan.
    - Being responsible to develop and intialize the design and process development for new products introduction (NPI) such as SOT, SC70, VCSEL, RCLED and others.
    - Being Independent or with minimum supervision in coordinating projects in cross functional teams including FOL, EOL and test.
    -To run DOE for process and product evaluation.
    - Continously act as a key player in a front of line process especially die attach.

    Company Name : 3rd company
    Position Title : Senior R&D Engineer

    Work Description :
    - In charge of Punch QFN, Saw QFN and BCC products of back grinding, sawing and die attach process.
    - As a key player in several new technology projects such as stacked die, GaAs die, wafer back coating, thin backgrinding and MSL improvement for Punch QFN.
    - To prepare a robust process readiness for the new packages in the production lines.
    - To aid the process engineering to solve any major issues in the production line.
    - Provides specs, DOEs, presentation, paper works for transfering the R&D mode packages to HVM (High Volume Manufacturing).
    - To run qualification lots, process characterization and engineering evaluations.
    -Develop software-based die attach set-up guideline and quality surveillance for quality optimization.
    -Having experience in handling multiple types of epoxy such as EN4900F, LMISR4, 8290, CB011, CRM1576C, QMI536, QMI550, QMI519, CRM1076E, RP-751-3D and others.
    - Very much hands on on the die bonder ESEC2008XP & HS.

    Company Name : 2nd company
    Position Title : Process Engineer

    - Incharge of quality and productivity of SOT packages at die attach process in Front of Line (FOL) .
    - Incharge of vision system for die attach and outlining the vision system at 3rd optical inspection at front of line process.
    - Outlining die attach wafer mapping project.
    - Developing die attach set-up guideline software for SOT packages.
    - Incharge of screen printing (full cure & half cure) process at die attach process.
    - Very much hands on the ESEC 2008Xp, ESEC 2007HS and ESEC 2006HR.

    Company Name : Kuala Lumpur Motorola (M) Sdn. Bhd.
    Position Title : Trainee Engineer

    Work Description :
    - Involved in Metal Finishing Department activities.
    -Meeting and discussed with supplier on the retrofitting of the machine.
    -Be familarized with the process and quality system.
    -Assist supervisor in term of project readiness and management.
    - Develop a 3D solid modeling of an actual autoplater equipment using AutoCAD R14 in plating process.
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