5 Cara MUDAH nak buat duit dalam internet.

Discussion in 'Sembang Umum' started by swordion, Dec 6, 2008.

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    Feb 9, 2008
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    Saya dah banyak melawat post2 yang agak menarik terutamanya dalam blog-blog yang biasa dibuat oleh orang biasa. Saya nak tahu apa bezanya orang biasa wat IM ngan pro.
    Elok-elok saya cari g search artikel demi artikel. Saya terjumpa satu post yang sangat menarik. N saya nak berkongsi post ini dengan anda. Artikel ini dalam bahasa Inggeris, so rajin-rajinlah buka kamus.

    Step 1 - How to make money without any money upfront? Its darn simple, Write Articles. I wrote 10 articles about a particular niche at 400 words per article. I then sold those 10 articles at $5 each. Within 18 hours, I had sold the article pack and my paypal account had $50.

    Step 2 - Do you keep writing articles? Heck NO !!! I invested my money. I went on to digitalpoint's forum and went to the Voucher section. I bought a varified google adwords account worth $100 for only $20. Thats right. So Now you have an adwords account good for $100.

    Step 3 - Signing up for an affiliate program. I chose Azoogleads. The ringtone offers were really HOT.

    Step 4 - Keyword research. I used the digitalpoint.com's keyword suggestion tool to pick out around 50 different keywords related to "ringtones". These keywords were getting good amount of searches per day (close to 300-400 per day). I then went to my adwords account and wrote up an "adcopy" similar to my competitors but not exactly same. And i set my spending limit to $50 a day which would ofcourse last me 2 days. After few hours, I checked my azoogle account and surprised to see i had 3 leads converted at $11 each. At this time i knew i was in a good spot because i was in profit. After the two days, my final figures were 34 leads earning me $374 (Minus $20 for adwords voucher). Pure profit of $354.

    Step 5 - Do you stop? lol No way JOSE… Repeat and repeat. I repeated these steps, i believe 4 more times then i finally opened my "personal" adwords account with my own credit card. Because i finally knew that this is profitable and i had close to $2500 to back up my spendings…

    So all in all, I went from $0 to $2500 within few weeks. Now remember, Its not as simple as it sounds. I researched every part of my system. Majority of my research was on PPC. I researched my competitors adcopy for few days. Then i created my own. Let me give you few tips…

    Tip 1 - Write articles about something that you have knowledge of.
    Tip 2 - I chose ringtone offers because at that time it was not saturated like right now it is. Research what's hot right now and then go for it.
    Tip 3 - Research keywords properly. You do not want to have Ads running for a keyword which has 15 or more competitors. You'll just waste your money.
    Tip 4 - Include your keywords in your Adcopy. #1 mistake most of the PPC marketers make is they don't include their keywords.
    Tip 5 - Understand PPC, Read and learn about PPC from forums like warriorforum and digitalpoint.

    So Now there you have it. Pure foolproof plan to making money online. Now it's your turn to take action.
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